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11 beautiful balconies you should know in Mexico City’s Downtown

Actualizado: 21 ago 2022

Mexico’s history can be read on each and every one of its constructions since the architecture will always be an ally for those who want to learn about a place, this is why we want to share with you, dear traveler, the first entry of balconies you should know in Mexico City’s Downtown, by having a walk on the famous pedestrian street Madero, and the mid-pedestrian 16 de Septiembre, so let’s dive in.


Walking at no matter what time in Mexico City’s Downtown will delight you with its countless things to do and see, places to try tacos or restaurants to have lunch, clothing stores and more, but have you ever realized those businesses are inside stunning buildings? Let’s start walking on Madero from Zócalo way to Palace of Fine Arts, where we first can see, on the right-side hand, a pastel blue colored and well-preserved building that has a striking façade and right next to it, a pastel yellow building whose balconies have sometimes a plant-decoration on its different levels; these two constructions are located between Zócalo and Palma Street, and below we show them to you:

Then, keep walking a bit and on the left-hand side a French-like construction stands with the famous so-called “mansard room”, a green one that, to be seen you will have to cross Isabel La Católica street and stand on the right side, then look up and there you go, that’s it, a building from the Porfiriato period.

Keep your eyes wide open because our next stop is located between the pedestrian street Motonlinía and Simón Bolívar, on the left-hand side and it is watched by a man standing on the first floor of a five-level building that highlights from the rest around, can you spot it? This is Casa Borda, that had the longest balcony going from Madero to 16 de Septiembre street, it is crazy! And Borda super rich to afford it…

Now, look in front of this Borda building, where there are 3 buildings left before we get to Bolívar street, the two last ones are our next stop, the second last one is a more modern construction with nice balconies often decorated with flowers, where you will actually see different models of balconies and windows, many of them housing stores, and the one right on the corner will offer you a nice combination of architecture: the first floor a modern area for the store, then the second and third from the end oof the baroque times, and the fourth, which still has some baroque elements but to be noted the reconstruction done on most of the façade.

Turn left on Bolívar street and, right in the corner you will see on arange buiding (the one below in the pictues in the middle), with a simple architecture but also nice balconies to Madero street, at least we think so. Then right on 16 de Septiembre street to get to our next 3 balconies: the first one is right on the corner when you turn right, have some steps ahead and look up when you get to a tree, it’s a nice view from down here, right? But if you’re looking for something simpler, have a look on the building right in front at the Club de Banqueros (Bankers’ Club) building, how contrast architecture can be, don’t you think so? Keep the walk to get to the corner and on the same side, next to this one, have a look on the building right on the corner, a bit French, isn’t it?

On Gante, another pedestrian street, turn right to get to Madero, then turn right to get back a bit to see Iturbide’s Palace, could a balcony be more baroque than these? We’re almost getting to the end, wait to know if there can be one more baroque than this! So, have a look on the details of the friezes, they are unique! If you see it’s open, have a look inside, there are temporary exhibitions inside and, if you feel like going to the bathroom, this is a place to.

After this, retake the way on Madero street to get to our last balcony of this tour: Sanborns de los Azulejos (Sanborns of the Blue Tiles), where you will notice there can actually be balconies more baroque than those ones on Iturbide’s Palace, which one do you like best? Have a seat inside or outdoors for a coffee and a typical bread to finish this walk.



Get down to know more about on our City Tours, in which we walk around Downtown to tell you about its history, to involve you with its architecture, food places, bars, nice rooftops to have lunch or simply, to enjoy of this beautiful city that will always astonishe you.

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